Education Management Committee Members

  1. Sri. Alok Kumar IPS, ADGP, KSRP and Chairman PPS
  2. Dr. Anoop A. Shetty IPS, I/C DIGP,KSRP
    Secretary PPS
  3. Sri. K. S. Raghunath, Commandant 4th Battallion
    Assistant Secretary, PPS
  4. Sri. Ajay Hilori IPS, Commandant 1st Battallion, Member, PPS
  5. Sri. M. V. Ramakrishna Prasad, K.S.P.S, Commandant 3rd Battallion, Member, PPS
  6. Dr. Ramakrishna Muddepala,Principal, PTS, Munnirabad, Member, PPS
  7. Sri. T. R. Suresh, Asst. Commandant, 1st Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  8. Sri. S.L. Kodliwad, Asst. Commandant, 3rd Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  9. Sri. Thomas Mathew, Asst. Commandant, 9th Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  10. Sri. E. S. Samanth, Asst. Commandant, 4th Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  11. Sri. C. S. Shivanna Naik, Spl. RPI, 3rd Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  12. Smt.B. Nanda, Principal, Police Public School
  13. Sri. Srinivas, Spl. RSI, 1st Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  14. Sri. Nagaraja B., ARSI, 3rd Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  15. Sri. N. Venkataraju HC-39, 4th Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS
  16. Sri. Gandhi Chawan, PC, 9th Bn. KSRP, Member, PPS

School Management Committee

  1. Smt. B Nanda, Principal - Member Secretary
  2. Sri. K. S. Raghunath, Commandant 4th Battallion
    Assistant Secretary, PPS
  3. Sri. M V Ramakrishna Prasad - Member, PPS
  4. Smt. Thanuja Sunder - Head Mistress-Member
  5. Smt. Neerajakshi, Retd. K V Principal - Member
  6. Sri. Basavaraj, Commandant, 6th Bn KSRP - Academician
  7. Sri. T S Sundar Raj, Commandant, 10th Bn KSRP - Academician
  8. Sri. J Roopesh, Commandant, 8th Bn KSRP - Academician
  9. Smt. Sujatha, Writer - Member
  10. Dr. Jagadish - Medical Practitioner - Member
  11. Sri. John Jacob - Philanthropist, Rotary Downtown, Bengaluru -Member
  12. Smt. Uma.M -Parent Member
  13. Smt. Veena T Y - Parent Member
  14. Smt. Padavamathi K P - Parent Member
  15. Smt. Nishat Baig - Parent Member
  16. Smt. Sheeja M - Parent Member
  17. Smt. Anitha Selvam - Parent Member
  18. Smt. Vanitha S -Parent Member
  19. Smt. Shaila Dixit -Parent Member
  20. Smt. Lini K C - Parent Member
  21. Smt. Swathi K -Parent Member
  22. Smt. Chaitra - Parent Member
  23. Sri.Varadaraj -Parent Member
  24. Sri. Shivanna Naik-Parent Member
  25. Sri.Nagesh A -Teacher Member
  26. Sri. Halappa B C-Teacher Member
  27. Sri. Umesh Madiwala -Teacher Member

Name and Designation of the Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Smt. B. Nanda Principal
2 Smt. Thanuja S. Head Mistress
3 Smt. Uma M. Teacher
4 Smt. Anitha Selvam Teacher
5 Mr. Umesh T. Madiwala Teacher
6 Mr. Nagesh A. Teacher
7 Mr. Nagesh P. Teacher
8 Smt. Vaishali M.S. Teacher
9 Smt. Padmavathi Teacher
10 Smt. Shareen K.P. Teacher
11 Smt. Archana Gupta Teacher
12 Smt. Kusuma J. Teacher
13 Smt. Gayatri N.R. Teacher
14 Smt. Mohana Sundari Teacher
15 Mr. Halappa B. C. Teacher
16 Smt. Paramitha Roy Teacher
17 Smt. K.M. Deepika Teacher
18 Smt. Manjunath T. Teacher
19 Smt. Nagalatha M. Teacher
20 Smt. Prapulla B. Teacher
21 Smt. Merin P. Alex Computer Sc. Teacher
22 Mr. Ashok S.B. P.E. Teacher
23 Miss. Jayashree P.E. Teacher
24 Mr. Manjunath H.K. Librarian
25 Smt. Shaila Dixit Teacher
26 Smt. Aruna R. Teacher
27 Miss. Hajeera Sabrin Teacher
28 Smt. Madhuchandrika S. Teacher
29 Smt. Asha V.C. Teacher
30 Smt. Neelam Gupta Teacher
31 Smt. Lini K. C. Computer Sc. Teacher
32 Smt. Uma Parvathy Teacher
33 Mr. Ramakrishhna Teacher
34 Smt. Soumya Gowda Teacher
35 Mr. Parameshwara H. Teacher
36 Mr. H.M.Naik Teacher
37 Smt. Brinda U.S. Teacher
38 Smt. Nishat Teacher
39 Smt. Vanitha S. Teacher
40 Smt. Uma T. Teacher
41 Smt. Hima Bindhu Teacher
42 Smt. Radhika Goswami Teacher
43 Smt. Manjula Teacher
44 Mr. Guru Prasad Teacher
45 Smt. Jyothi G. Teacher
46 Smt. Anjana B. G. Computer Sc. Teacher
47 Smt. Shilpa Sarkar Teacher
48 Smt. Sheeja M. Teacher
49 Smt. Pavithra M. Teacher
50 Smt. Swathi K. Teacher
51 Smt. Chaitra. S. Teacher
52 Mr. Narasimha Raju H. Teacher
53 Mr. Skanda Kumar Music Teacher
54 Miss. Dixitha P Teacher
55 Smt. Shobha Mukhyopadya Teacher
56 Smt. Veena T Y Teacher
57 Mr. Ravi C. Teacher
58 Smt. Kavya L Teacher
59 Smt. Swetha K Teacher
60 Smt. Rakshitha Varsha Teacher
61 Ms. A Sarah Jennifer Teacher
62 Smt. Tejaswini N PE Teacher
63 Smt. Kavita Bhat Art/Craft Teacher
64 Smt. Ammu Teacher
65 Smt. Anupa Preeti Jason Teacher
66 Smt. Lakshmi S.P. Teacher
67 Smt. Uma Rajiv Teacher
68 Smt. Rashmi Shridhar Rao Teacher
69 Smt. Reshma H. Teacher
70 Mr. Madhu U. P. Teacher
71 Mr. Madili Tripati Teacher
72 Smt. Vijayalakshmi Office Assistant
73 Smt. Jeevan Latha R Jadhav Office Assistant
74 Mr. Raj Kumar Admin. Staff
75 Mr. Manjunath M. S. Accountant
76 Mr. Chethan Kumar Office Assistant
77 Mr. Beeresh Lab Assistant
78 Mr. Prakash Babu Office Assistant

Our Faculty

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All of our faculties are trained post graduates in their subjects of teaching. They are experienced, have a passion for teaching. They adopt new strategies of teaching. They are hardworking, dedicated and interested in each child's overall development.