Our Curriculum and Philosophy

The school is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. it follows and administers the curriculum prescribed by NCERT and CBSE. It tries to fulfill the objectives and the aims of education stated in National Curriculum Framework. Besides the school fulfill s the needs of each individual taking into consideration the multiple intelligence theory. We believe each child is unique and has his/her own learning abilities. We respect the inborn potentials of the child and have educational programmers and co-curricular activities to nurture their abilities.


2018-19 - ACTIVITIES

CBSE Class X: 84 students appeared for Board exams in 2018. The school has secured 100% results. Management & staff congratulate all the students.

Teacher Orientation Programme: The year 2018-19 began with an emphasising Teacher Empowerment Programme. A five day Teacher Orientation Programme was organised by the EMC, Police Public School from 25/5/18 – 30/5/18. This year the programme focussed on micro levels of teaching covering strong & much needful topics like Unit planning, Learner’s style content analysis & Ethical Leadership. The teachers were provided with hands on experience in the making of teaching aids, preparing unit plans, delivering of lessons, group activity, exploring various genre of writing in languages, creative thinking, creative writing and many more. Experienced subject experts in English/ Kannada, Maths, Phy/Chem/Bio, Hindi & Social Science enriched the teacher fraternity. All in all the teachers were empowered with intense professional as well as personal development to carry forward to posterity. About 70 teachers were beneficiaries of this 5 day Orientation program organised by the PPS management.

Nursery Inauguration: 1st June witnessed a landmark making event in the history of PPS. Nursery was introduced to the pre-primary classes. In order to give individualised/ personal care and attention to the students, preference was given to only a limited number of students. The atmosphere here is

Investiture Ceremony: Investiture Ceremony was celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in Police Public School on 15th June 2018. P. Jamneshwar, DGM, SBI presided the event. Sri. M.V. Ramakrishna Prasad, SP, State Intelligence & Asst. Secretary, Police Public School was the Chief Guest. Our school choir rendered a mellifluous devotional song for Invocation. Asst. Secretary welcomed the gathering. Mrs. Nanda, Principal administered the oath. The new prefects were inducted new portfolios. An impressive march-past was a feast to the eyes. Sri Jamneshwar, in his speech, highlighted the importance of shouldering responsibility & becoming good citizens.

Ruchi Gupta of Class 9B compered the programme and Sharanya of 8A, proposed vote of thanks. The House teachers for the year 2018-19 are: Smt. Uma M. (KARUNA House), Smt. Vaishali (SHRADDHA House), Smt. Mohana (MEDHA House), Smt. Hajira (PRAGNA House). The prefects are: Anuj Shaw, Sharanya (Karuna), Panchami, Bushan (Medha), Bhargavi, Sri Vignesh (Pragna), Arun Kumar, Disha (Shraddha)

INTER-HOUSE ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION AT POLICE PUBLIC SCHOOL: Inter house English Debate competition was held in Police Public School on 16 th July 2018 for intermediate and senior level. The topic chosen for the debate was Plastic-A Blessing In Disguise To Mankind.

The judges for the day were Mr. Brian Caszo , faculty member of English, St Francis School, Koramangala and Mrs. Deepa Rajeev, former Vice-Principal, Amar Jyoti Public School, K. R . Puram. The participants of the four houses namely, Medha, Shradha, Karuna and Pragna were armed with data and statistics in presenting their arguments. They displayed enthusiasm, confidence, oratory skills and a deep understanding of the topic. The debate was highly appreciated by the audience.The highlight of the debate was the rebuttal round. The judges adjudged Poorvi( class VI ) of Medha house and Hiya.K (class X) of Shraddha house as the winners of intermediate and high school categories respectively . Speaking on the occasion, the judges praised the participants and the school management for designing such an innovative topic which was very relevant in today's scenario.The Principal, Smt. B Nanda and the Vice-Principal Smt. Uma Bangadi graced the momentous day. Vote of thanks was proposed by Smt. Thanuja Sunder, head mistress. The day concluded on a joyous note.

Teachers Orientation Programme at Spastics Society of Karnataka: In collaboration with Spastics Society of Karnataka, PPS has ventured forward to tackle issues related to behaviour, academics, intelligence and learning in the children . Imparting the guidance and support derived through two teachers orientation programme at SSK, a road plan has been developed to uplift and empower those children who need extra care, guidance and support. Besides redressing the children's difficulties and disabilities, the teachers of PPS have developed pretty sound knowledge about causes, symptoms and solutions to Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. Teachers are also empowered to redress writing and spelling problems. The parents of all classes are also enlightened through class specific Parent Orientation Programmes by Mrs Rukmini Krishna Swamy, Director, SSK and her team. The institution has developed an exclusive and elaborate action plan to cater to the requirements of class IX and X children seeking extra attention by executing a detailed assessment involving diagnosis and remedial action by the professionals-education experts/special educationists/ doctors- from SSK. Hoping for a fruitful journey.

Cartoon Day: Cartoons are an essential part of every childhood. They are the most popular entertainment for children and much more than that. Cartoon Day was celebrated in the Kindergarten on 27th July 2018. The classrooms and soft boards were ornated with kids' favourite cartoons. The day was filled with interesting activities. The Nursery and the LKG had collage work of cartoons and the UKG had a group activity of colouring the cartoon characters. Children brought their cartoon toys which were displayed in their classes. The tiny tots of Nursery, LKG and UKG took home badges of cartoons, a head band with a picture of the iconic Doremon and a wrist band with a picture of Hello Kitty respectively to reminisce the exciting day. The Cartoon Day was a day to rejoice. It bonded the kids well and brought out the best childhood innocence.

WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY: Our school celebrated World Nature Conservation Day in the school premises with great enthusiasm. In the morning assembly, Principal Mrs. B. Nanda as a chief guest witnessed the programme. A 'MIME' act was performed by class 9 std. on the topic SAVE WATER. The enthralling performance of the students left everyone spellbound. Class 7 A and B students organised different activities in order to celebrate the day. 7A students participated in a seminar to speak on the topic 'SAVE NATURE' and class 7B students engaged in the activity poster making on the topic 'SAVE WATER SAVE EARTH'. Speaking on the occasion Principal Mrs.B. Nanda said 'the main idea behind the programme was to sensitize children towards safeguarding the environment'. Students must know the importance of a healthy environment, the foundation for a stable and productive society in order to ensure the well being of present and future generation, she emphasized that all must actively participate to protect, conserve and sustainably manage our natural resources.'

PPS at Misaal Competition Misaal, Oasis Movement organized a competition for children and youngsters. The competition was conducted to identify the leaders from the society. Oasis believes in understanding intentions, feelings and willingness to work. Students from class IX and X of Police Public School participated in the competition. Out of 57 participants, 22 of them won the competition. The competition consisted of 3 rounds. The first round focused on "Express Yourself"- Essay Competition. The second round comprised of Group Dialogue and the third round covered Project Preparation and Execution. All in all 14 students won. All the meritorious students were awarded with Personality Development books and a certificate each.
Police Public School launched Cricket for its students in the month of July. Two teams- U 16 & U-14 have been constituted. Training is being imparted by IACA- Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy. Both the teams have been registered under KSCA. The team members are as follows:
The first U-16 match was played on 27-7-18 against Vagdevi Villas School, Bengaluru. Score sheet is as follows: Vagdevi Villas School: 213/7 (30 overs) Police Public School: 102/10

INTER HOUSE SPORTS: Sports was in full sway in PPS in the last week of July 2018. The following games were conducted for the senior category:
Girls: Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Kabaddi Boys: Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball

2017-18 - ACTIVITIES

The dawn of the academic year 2017-18 witnessed prominent significant changes sprinkling new hope. To begin with, the founder Principal Mrs.Manjula Devi retired after superannuation giving way to Mrs. Nanda to adorn the post of Principal. She has 19 years of rich experience to add to her credit. Upholding the firm ideology of the institution. As is customary, this year too the school began with intense empowering of the teachers. The management is strongly inclined with the Principal /Policy that the teachers are the sculptors in the class. They give a proper definite sculpting in the class room. Such in service workshops refreshes and rejuvenates the teachers. The teachers were empowered with a 6 day (in house workshop) orientation program on the following topics: 1. Day 1 & 2 - Basic Communication Skills 2. Day 3 - Positive Thinking and Behavior Management 3. Day 4 - Teacher Empowerment – Classroom management 4. Day 5 - Group work 5. Day 6 - Group Work- tools for teaching

Mrs.Vyshali and Harika attended the orientation programme held by J.N. Planetarium on 22-06-2017. All these workshops sure paved way to all the teachers to become effective teachers and attain the desired objective/learning outcomes. Besides this they can also make learning a joyful experience. XSeed orientation programme for nursery teachers and Prep My Skills Orientation Programme for Computer science teachers was also organized. World Environment Day: 5th June 2017, was celebrated reminding everyone of the great responsibility they need to shoulder towards safeguarding the environment in its wholesome for better survival of the self and the future generation. An assembly activity by the intermediate students reflected the need to sensitize one and all towards promoting and sustaining a greener ambience.

Awareness programmes:

1. Parents orientation programme: keeping in mind the need to empower parents teaching XSeed syllabus, we aimed at making learning through XSeed fun learning and easily manageable by the parents too. Orientation reflected that learning for the tiny tots is not mechanical in routine but activity oriented supplementing with sufficient teaching aids. 2. Students awareness Programme: ITC group came forward to enlighten the children about segregation of waste. Students from classes 8th, 9th and 10th reaped benefits.

About 50 students from classes 3 to 7 participated in the mass yoga held at B.B.M.P ground and joined hands to uphold the propagation of yoga and its benefits under the yoga instructor Mr. Halappa. This was followed by a spectacular assembly yoga display. The audiences were bewildered looking at the young children performing some extremely difficult Asana. Mr. Halappa gave a talk on benefits of yoga.

Inter School competitions: about 50 students from classes 5-9 participated in drawing competitions organized by Gyan Pro at Tanishq boutique on 20-06-17. 1. Ruchi Gupta from 8th std bagged 1st place. 2. Dhanushree from 8th std bagged 2nd place 3. Manjunath from 8th std bagged 3rd place

17/06/17 witnessed an an elaborate parents orientation program headed by new Principal Mrs. Nanda and the Assistant Secretary sri. Ramakrishna Prasad. They briefed the parents about the dos and don’ts and clarified the parent’s doubts and accepted suggestions for the better functioning of the school. Such interactions bring the school and the community together.

This year Investiture Ceremony was celebrated with refreshed vigor and enthusiasm under the captaincy of Mrs. Nanda the Principal, Mr. Kuttappa, state basket ball player and referee was the chief guest Sri. Ramakrishna Prasad also graced the occasion.

Police Station Visit:

Students of class X visited the Madiwala police station on 29/6/17. They gained hands on experience as to how all machinery works in a police station. They were briefed about the different kinds of guns, stun guns, pistol, rifle-their ranges and working efficiency. Wireless mode of communication data recording of culprits and its documentation, how to file a FIR, hierarchy/lineage of police staff in a police station, legal method adopted to file a complaint, time limits to retain an offender/guilty, its progressive procedure, and finally had a look of a cell in the station along with a live culprit.

XSeed parent orientation program was held on 1/7/2017 in the KSRP health centre between 9a.m to 11a.m.
Members Present: XSeed coordinator Mrs. Preethi Dubey , Mrs. Nanda, Principal, Mrs. Tanuja, Nursery Head mistress and Xseed coordinator and Mrs.Maya former XSeed coordinator, PPS, LKG Parents and UKG new admission parents. Mrs. Preethi Dubey briefed the parents about the different books and what to look for in each book. Through explanation , oral examples and a video show picturising a conventional teaching classroom and XSeed classroom enabled the parents to experience XSeed better. She made the parents understand how XSeed made the children think creatively and not mere cramming of facts, into the head, supplied by the teacher. XSeed triggers their thought process, stimulating them to think and most important of all prepares the children to ask questions. The classes are more oriented towards child centric teaching than teacher centric teaching. She emphasised the fact that children need not be burdened at such a tender age. The numerous visual aids help them to learn fast and retain for a longer time. The children are given ample freedom to express freely, thereby honing their communicative skills.

Krishna Janmashtami: On 14th august 2017, Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The children of L.K.G dressed as Radha and Krishna made a bee line to showcase themselves.

Celebrating the Joy of independence: The national flag was unfurled by the 3rd battallion commandant - Shri. Kallappa on 15th august. Our children sang patriotic songs and delivered speeches.

A unique and novel initiative: The students of class 9 and 10 participated in a unique and novel activity on 23/08/2017-clay ganesha idol making event. Ms.Lakshmi was the trainer. children portrayed their exceptional talent working with clay resulting in a variety shapes of clay ganesha idols. besides spreading the message to use eco friendly ganesha idols and not POP idols, they had also inserted seeds in the idol so when immersed and this water poured on ground would give rise to a plant. the children throughout were enthusiastic and elated with this dual achievement.

Teachers Day celebration in Police Public school: Teachers day was celebrated , yet again, in a unique way. It was jointly celebrated along with Onam.The Chief guest were Sri.Venugopal Rao, M.A. B.Ed.,Head Master (retd) KGF school Kolar, Dr. Boralingaiah DCP South east range, Sri. Nikkim Prakash, Commandant, 9th battallion, Sri.Kallappa, Commandant 3rd battallion, Sri.Nagalingaiah, commandant 4th battallion, Sri.Ramakrishna Prasad, SP State Intelligence and Asst.Secretary P.P.S. The program began with invocation and lamp lightening, Onam song and dance.Sri.venugopal Rao,who himself was a teacher and head master was falicitated. all the guests nostalgically recalled their yore days of schooling and stressed how values,discipline and hardwark enables one to establish success. besides games and cultural programmes for teachers, class X students had organised a quiz for the teachers. school had organised lunch and momentoes from the management were distributed to all the staff. all in all it was a neatly executed programme.

Saturday 8/10/2017 Shilanyasa ceremony for first floor ‘B’ block: October 8th 2017 was a memorable day for Police Public School, Koramangala. On this auspicious day the DG and IG of Karnataka Sri. R.K.Dutta IPS performed inaugural pooja for the 1st floor ‘B’ wing. A formal guard of honour was given to the DG-IG. There after the DG and IG Sri. R.K.Dutta IPS unveiled the foundation stone for new block in the presence of Sri.Bhaskar Rao IPS, ADGP KSRP and Chairman PPS, Sri. Charan Reddy IPS, IG KSRP and Vice Chairman PPS. Dr.Thyagarajan IPS, DIG KSRP and Secretary PPS, Sri. Nikkam Prakash Amrit IPS Commandant 9th battalion KSRP, Sri.B.C.Kallappa Commandant 3rd battalion KSRP, Sri.Nagalingaiah Commandant 4th battalion KSRP other dignitaries and staff. After the foundation stone unveiling Sr.R.K.Dutta and all the dignitaries viewed a PPT presentation presented by Smt.Nanda. Principal PPS. This reflected the development and progress of the school. From its inception June 5, 2008 till now, the new initiatives and future initiatives. The extra curricular activities like Prep My Skill, THOT Lab and XSEED Syllabus for kindergarten impressed DG-IG. These activities help children in their personality development and critical thinking. He opined how fortunate the present day children were. Sir nostalgically recollected the memories of his childhood days when importance was given only to academics. He lauded the role of the school in providing quality education to the children of police wards. To make the moment much more memorable, a group photo with the DG-IG, EMC members and all the staff present was organized.

Student Police Cadet (SPC): SPC was started in Kerala. The word police is normally associated with thieves, jails, punishment, torch bearers of peace and harmony, traffic controller and what not. Most important of all the police department is concerned about the welfare of the nation in large. Being aware that education is an effective tool in shaping the nation i.e. future India, police force has come forward to invest in education. This has given birth to launch student police cadet in Police Public School, Bengaluru. The vision of SPC is character building of students at school level through proactive actions and activities. Children are encouraged to develop and adopt quality ethical principles and behavior that can last beyond the classrooms even after the schooling life and propel ahead successfully. It insist surviving skills and sustains the children in their life.SPC prepares them for life imparting confidence, enthusiasm, life skills. It is student empowerment programme. 44 students 22girls and 22boys, from class VIII have been enrolled this year to SPC. The motto of SPC is we have trainers from the department and one CPO and ACPO from the school exclusively training the children on a weekly basis, comprising indoor and outdoor activities.

An Ecstatic Winning: Police Public School, Koramangala hosted an Inter School Quiz competition on 21st Nov 2017. Nine schools participated in the event of which six schools qualified for the finals. Shri.Dr.Boralingaiah. M.B., DCP-South East Division, Bengaluru along with Shri.B.C.Kallappa,the commandant of 3rd battalion KSRP inaugurated and graced the occasion – as Chief Guest who in his short speech encouraged and motivated the students gathering to participate in such events quite often, in order to equip and enhance once thinking capacity. Mr.Kallappa B.C, Commandant 3rd battalion KSRP, Mr.Nagalingaiah Commandant 4th battalion KSRP were also present. The Principal of the host school –Shrimati B.Nanda conducted the event-putting forward some intriguing, exciting and challenging questions. It gave the participants some infinite bouncers and pouncers. The quizzing was indeed a testing time for the young minds to rack their brains racing with every passing minute. Whitefield Global School was declared the winners and Mirambika School were the runners up. All the participants were presented with the certificate of appreciation. Trophies were distributed to the winners and runners by the Principal Mrs.Nanda.

The annual sports meet of our school was held on 11th December 2017 in the KSRP sports ground. Dr.Thyagarajan,I.P.S,Incharge D.I.G,K.S.R.P and Secretary ,PPS was the Chief Guest for the Inaugural function and inaugurated the sports meet. The National Level athletes Master.Yaseen, Miss.Dale, Miss.Geethanjali and Master.Muheez were the torch bearers .There was march past by the four houses namely, Shraddha, Karuna, Medha and Pragna. Track events were conducted and the day was filled with exciting victories. The true spirit of sportsmanship was upheld. After the student’s events, the parents and staff members also participated enthusiastically in the events scheduled for them. The chief guest for the closing ceremony was Sri. Charan Reddy,I.P.S,I.G.P,K.S.R.P and Vice Chairman, PPS. The winners were awarded with trophies, medal and certificate in the respective categories-track events, best performers in team events and individual events by the chief guest. The chief guest stressed the importance of sporting spirit, in his speech. The exciting day ended with a cheerful note, filled with promises for all the young sports enthusiasts.


The annual day function of Police Public School, Bangalore was organized on 23rd December 2017 with great enthusiasm in the school premises. The entire school participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event. The panel of dignitaries consisted of the Chief Guest, Dr. Ali Khwaja, B.Tech (IIT) MIE,MIIM, Ph.D, Counsellor , Columnist, Life-Skills Coach, Sri.Bhaskar Rao, I.P.S, A.D.G.P, K.S.R.P, and Chairman, PPS. Dr.K.Thiyagarajan, I.P.S, D.I.G.P, K.S.R.P, and Secretary PPS. The Asst. Secretary, The Principal and the students of PPS greeted the dignitaries and escorted them to the dias.
The function began at 5.30p.m. With an invocation song sung by the choir group followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the esteemed guests. This was followed by the welcome speech delivered by Ms.Parva the Head Girl. Principal Mrs. B. Nanda extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and presented the annual report highlighting the achievements of the school and the students in the academic year 2017-18.
The prize distribution ceremony was a moment of pride and honour for all the winners and achievers of school. Students received prizes for their wonderful performances and achievements in curricular and co-curricular activities. The toppers of grade X CBSE Examination, 2017 were felicitated and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5000/-each.the teachers teaching various subjects in grade X were also honoured with members for their untiring efforts and excellent team work. The Chief Guest, Dr. Ali Khwaja released Jagruthi, the school magazine of the academic year 2017-18.
The audiences were enlightened with the motivational and inspiring speech of the distinguished guests. The vote of thanks was proposed by Raj P.K., the Head Boy of the school. The evening was made more colorful with the cultural programmes which was based on the theme “Unity in Diversity”. Every class gave performances with grace. The event closed with a grand finale celebration which depicted the tradition and culture of Karnataka. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervour.