To achieve our philosophy we have the following activities:

  1. Very strong academic program.
  2. Program to support slow learners and high level performers.
  3. Intensive sports coaching by sports persons of national level.
  4. Audio visual aids to support class room teaching.
  5. Opportunities to learn classical dance and light music and instrumental music by experts.
  6. Dance and theatre( performing arts)
  7. Cyber club to make children computer savvy.
  8. Science club to encourage creativity, innovation and to build scientific temper among the children.
  9. Environment club to create awareness about environmental issues.
  10. Language club to make them best orators.
  11. Humanities club to make them best human beings.
  12. The school hosts inter school sports and cultural competitions to instill true sports man spirit and competition spirit among the children.
  13. Annual trips and visits we organize will enhance the horizon of their knowledge and experience.
  14. Workshops, seminars and other activities are organized in the school to enhance the leadership qualities among them.
  15. Academic support is provided for slow learners and average students at all levels free of cost.

Special Activity

  1. The school has a tie up with THE HINDU under the programme NEWS PAPER IN EDUCATION (NIE). This programme enables the children to keep in touch with current event of the world. THE HINDU has brought out special children edition which will be supplied to all the children from class 5 to class 10.
    The news paper has a panel of resource persons who come to the school twice a week and conduct classes to the children of classes 5 to 10 and teach them many skills like communication skills, managerial skills, and other components of life skills. Many a time they conduct games and quiz programmes which are both educative and entertaining.

  2. The school is associated with an organization called SOUL BATH PEACE FOUNDATION founded by Sri. Raj Bhowmik who is considered to be one of the word class management guru. The volunteers have laid a master project which stretches the whole year. The interactive sessions with soul bath peace foundation volunteers teaches our students to be aware of their potentials, to be compassionate about their fellow beings and the environment and also learn to forgive and forget bitter things of the past and march towards the bright future.

  3. THE SCHOOL IS A PART OF CMCA (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness)

Recently our school has begun its association with the CMCA, particularly the 8th class, as the children of the age group are very active and spirited. CMCA's vision is to constantly send ripples of awareness, sensitizing on civic-social issues, rights and responsibilities, wastage of resources, the local government and its issues through various activities and campaigns.

CMCA encourages the school to introduce user friendly facilities as well as the right way of handling situations that are faced in our daily life. It is a challenging act to make a child do an amazing act of an ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP, empowering them to bring about transformation in oneself, home, school, city and neighborhood. CMCA ensures that this process happens at the grass root level and involves the most stake holders of the future-THE YOUTH.

Children are the agents of change and are powerful messengers. They are born citizens with rights and entitlements. They can participate in governance and civil society. “Those who partake during childhood, practices in future”.

Police public school looks forward for several positive changes in our own premises, homes and neighborhood and across our city.

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